Why Kalsarikännit is the lifestyle trend we're loving right now Advertisement

Why Kalsarikännit is the lifestyle trend we’re loving right now

Maybe you've been doing this your entire adult life

By ELLE team  March 9th, 2017

If you’ve been cosying up in front of the TV in your lingerie with a bottle of wine for company, congratulations! You’re officially indulging in the fine Finnish art of Kalsarikännit. According to our colleagues in Australia, Kalsarikännit, pronounced Kawl-SAW-ree-KAHN-eet, is how the natives of Finland refer to getting drunk at home, alone, in one’s underwear, with no intention of going out. 

Which is basically what you’ve been accused of doing for years but didn’t have a foreign, exotic term to use as self-defence.

Kalsarikännit comes closely on the heels of Hygge, (pronounced as ‘HUE-guh), which you no doubt remember from our article is a lifestyle concept practiced by people in Denmark, where they take time off every day to indulge in the good things and be present in each moment. The movement swept around the world, fuelled by a general saturation with the every day chaos and stress that defined the year 2016.

So let Kalsarikännit be your war cry for 2017. Who needs a hectic party life anyway?