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The productive tech essentials Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan can’t live without

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By ELLE team  July 15th, 2019

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, founder and CEO of AI-forward company Drawbridge, shares the important apps and devices that make her work and home life easier.


“A great hub for all my content.”

Apple Watch:

“Integral for maintaining a healthy lifestyle; it reminds me to get up and move.”

Amazon Echo:

“The home device that gives me voice access to my favorite e-commerce destination, Amazon.” 

Ring Doorbell:

“For smart security, complete with mobile controls and analytics that make it useful when I’m away from home.”

Away Carry-On:

“Vital for travelling.”


LinkedIn: “My starting point that connects me to customers, partners, and potential hires.” 

Uber: “Taking an Uber is a smart way for me to leverage time, as it lets me catch up on email and calls while on the move.”

Venmo: “It’s the most commonly used mobile payment solution among my friends and social circle.”

iHeartRadio: “My go-to app for all my music and podcast needs.” 

Amazon: “Because it puts shopping for essentials at my fingertips.” 

Google Docs Suite: “It allows our team to work in real time and eliminates version control.” 

Slack: “It helps me stay connected to my team, allowing us to continuously collaborate.” 

Netflix:  “I love watching documentaries, they help me decompress and learn about  the world.”