How Kamal Sidhu manages to look this fit and radiant at 47 Advertisement

How Kamal Sidhu manages to look this fit and radiant at 47

The fitness enthusiast shares the secrets to her toned body

By Trisha Chawla  May 9th, 2017

Can’t get yourself to wake up for a run? Let anchor Kamal Sidhu’s toned midriff convince you to set an alarm. The 47-year-old loves exercising outdoors to plug in some cardio but regularly slows things down by holding yoga poses and plank positions to strengthen her muscles. Get behind how she protects her skin from sun damage, the snack that keeps her full and the exercise moves she’d never give up on. 

ELLE: The first thing you do in the morning…

Kamal: I drink a freshly brewed cup of coffee, followed by a banana

ELLE: The one workout move you’d never give up on..

KS: There are two actually — running and doing Surya Namaskars

ELLE: You love running — How do you protect your skin from damage?

KS: I work out before the sun gets above the clouds! But I would advise a good 40+ SPF cream that’s waterproof for those who prefer outdoor exercises.

ELLE: The superstar product on your beauty shelf is..

KS: A Vitamin C exfoliator serum — it’s a great antioxidant for Bombay’s pollution and humid weather conditions.

ELLE: You’re known to be an active swimmer. What do you do to keep your hair healthy despite being exposed to chlorine?

KS: I use natural and organic hair oil blended with multiple herbs and essential oils. My personal favourite is Aromagique since it works best to soothe and nourish my scalp.

ELLE: The best way to get a toned body is?

KS: The key is to watch your portions and eat small meals. Additionally, holding exercises like the plank position, bridge and leg raises for longer increase your core strength for a more toned body.

ELLE: Do you stick to the same workout everyday?

KS: No, my trick is to vary the workout. Listen to your body — decide and plan your schedule the day before based on your schedule.

ELLE: The one snack you love between meals is?

KS: I love snacking on dry fruits like almonds and peanuts. Small portions curb hunger and keep you full between meals.

Fit and fabulous at 40

With hardcore fitness regimens and diligent diets, Kamal and her contemporaries are proving that 40 is the new 30. Allow these fabulous ladies to inspire you. 

Tisca Chopra, 42, Actor and producer

Chopra has always been confident about her body, but it took her some learning to find that comfort as an actor. She credits her roles in films like Taare Zameen Par (2007) and Qissa (2013) for ridding her of her inhibitions, especially her most recent turn as a plain housewife in her award-winning short, Chutney (2016). “When my craft became stronger and the characters I played became so memorable, how I appeared [on-screen] stopped mattering,” she says. IRL, she has cracked the perfect formula to maintain her hourglass figure with yoga, meditation and a regimented diet. “I treat my body right and in return, it treats me right.”

Silk tunic dress, House Of Milk

Kamal Sidhu, 47, TV host and restaurateur

Track training has always been a way of life for Sidhu, who was on her way to becoming a professional athlete until an injury led to a career change. But she has maintained that athletic build by constantly challenging herself. There’s a lot of tennis, playing football with her son, and she recently returned to figure skating too. “There’s nothing like being able to do the things you loved as a teen to make you feel invigorated. Similarly, there’s nothing like growing older to make you feel more comfortable in your skin,” she says. This confidence reflects in her personal style as well. “There’s very little bandwidth for discomfort after a certain point in life,” Sidhu says. “Sometimes I look back and wonder, what was I thinking trying to squeeze my body parts into that?”

Polyester dress, H&M Conscious. Brass with pink gold finishing and Swarovski® Elements earrings, Louis Vuitton

Maria Goretti, 45, Celebrity chef and TV presenter

Goretti, who recently won the National Gourmand World Cookbook Award for her debut From My Kitchen To Yours (2016), has always balanced her voracious love for food with an active lifestyle. Whether it was dancing, running or practicing yoga, she always found a way to shed enough kilos to still fit into a pair of jeans she had saved from her days as a VJ. When she hit 40, this long-cherished regimen went right off the rails due to a slackening metabolism, even as she trained to run a half-marathon and took to hiking frequently. “I realised that it’s not about fitting into those jeans anymore,” she says, “but about having a healthy mind and body. I’m happy with my laugh lines, grey hair, and the fact that my waist will never be 24 inches again. My body isn’t what it used to be, and I don’t expect it to be, because I’m not the person I was in my twenties either.”

Satin silk dress, Deme By Gabriella

Namrata Joshipura, 46, Fashion designer

In her late thirties, Joshipura crossed over from what she called her bad phase (“it was true to my nickname, Chubby”) when she started running. Having spent all of her twenties and most of her thirties building a successful fashion house, she confesses she never did have time to think about herself. She began to change this with hour-long brisk walks that led to her first half-marathon in 2013. And at the Delhi Half Marathon in November last year, she finished in the top five in her age category. “It’s no longer about how I want to look, but how I want to be. I want a runner’s body so I can go faster and longer distances,” she says. Since hitting 40, this renewed strength has helped her tick two big ones off her bucket list: trekking to the Annapurna base camp and Mount Kilimanjaro. Next up: acing a full marathon.

Georgette dress, Namrata Joshipura. Cotton shorts, Joshipura’s own

Farah Khan Ali, 47, Jewellery designer

After being diagnosed with osteopenia, a degenerative bone disease, three years ago, Khan Ali really began to focus on nurturing her naturally lean body. Now her Instagram feed serves up the perfect fitspo with several posts dedicated to her Pilates routine, and just as many of her flaunting her toned limbs in a bikini. Maintaining that ageless body has been hard work, and she readily shares her story and advice with her community of followers. “Ageing is a tough process, and you have to do something about it,” she says. “That’s why I work out less for my looks and more for my strength. I want to go through my day and achieve everything I have set out to achieve for myself, without any pain.”

Georgette and silk dress, Karn Malhotra. Diamond ring, Farah Khan Fine Jewellery