Kangana Ranaut's latest item number shuts down sexist haters Advertisement

Kangana Ranaut’s latest item number shuts down sexist haters

"Audience ko tittilate karogi"

By ELLE team  September 12th, 2017

From a Bollywood insider perspective, Kangana Ranaut is on the wrong side of the nepotism debate, but that’s mostly because the Bollywood “insiders” consist of family and friends. To top off being an outsider, Ranaut had the gall to be born female. Honestly, this women does not know when to quit being the one percent. And while we’re sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to see her roll over and accept her status, Kangana isn’t going to be silenced, and we’re glad for it. 

The actress has tried almost everything to try and explain to the close knit fraternity what it means to be the minority: a women, an outsider and yet successful. She’s explained herself to the media, to her contemporaries and even called them out on television to some praise and a fair share of ridicule. But it seems that the only person who might see things from her side is the method actress who will play her in the  biopic (we would watch that). So Kangana decided to give Bollywood a taste of their own medicine, AIB comedy style. 

In her latest dance number, she calls them out for giving women real jobs only to have them reduced to curves in a lehenga to attract audiences. She’s done being debased in front of her male counterparts for doing the same work for less pay. And if the industry isn’t going to listen, this is the only thing we suggest they laugh at. Because, Kangana’s no more of a laughing stock than the impromptu dance number by a quantum physicist playing the leading lady.

Check out the video here:

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