Kangana Ranaut just reached peak airport style

What’s that? All flights have just been grounded? Kangana Ranaut has shown up at the airport and nobody is going anywhere. The only thing taking off the runway today is this lewk:

2017 10 24 PHOTO 00000006

And this is how she flies domestic. Just when you thought high fashion couldn’t get higher, Kangana Ranaut rocks a head-to-toe floral suit on her flight from Mumbai to Jaipur. That bow on the shirt alone is bigger than your entire summer wardrobe and did we mention it’s from Gucci? BOLD.

kangana bow

The floral pant-suit combination will convince you to vote this woman into office, any office. The oversized glasses on a nude face only balance out the ensemble. Kangana finishes off the look with a Gucci Dionysus Studded Floral-Embroidered Leather Chain Shoulder bag. SLAY.

2017 10 24 PHOTO 00000018

Seriously, this bag doesn’t even need to go through security check. We could tell you just from looking at it that it’s the bomb. Someone alert security. When you’ve got your hands on a bag like that, you’re not storing it in the overhead compartment, it probably gets its own window seat. 


This outfit is so co-ordinated, it’s what we want our wedding bouquet to look like. Seriously, did Kangana get a degree in Ikebana just to put this outfit together? And to think the last flight you took was in track pants and sneakers. Somebody water this look and then give it its own plane. Airport style will never be the same. Kangana wins airport style for today, everyone else cancel your flights and drive to your destinations.

2017 10 24 PHOTO 00000004 1

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