Kangana Ranaut's holiday home is where you need to go for alone time Advertisement

Kangana Ranaut’s holiday home is where you need to go for alone time

Kangana's latest gift to herself is some peace and quiet

By ELLE team  April 4th, 2018

When Kananga Ranaut needs a little ‘me’ time away form the paparazzi, she up and builds it for her herself. The boss lady’s latest multi-crore investment is a house in the hills to help her find just that. Kangana has been spending the last few months in her new Manali multi-crore home, Kartekeya Niwas. The house plays base to Kangana’s spiritual journey while the actress hides out in the Himalayan state.

The two-storey mansion has a view of mountains on one side and the Karthikeya temple, after which the house was named, on the other. The house reportedly has a floor-to-ceiling glass conservatory, eight bedrooms and multiple balconies.

The actress told Times of India that she has been using her time away from Mumbai to meditate, learn how to play the piano, go on walks and enjoy being anonymous.

Inside the multi-crore holiday homes of your favourite celebrities  

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Kendall Jenner's starter home was actually a $1.6 million (approx Rs 10.29 crore) condo in Los Angeles. In June 2017, she put it on the market, for $300,000 more than she paid in 2014. 

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba bought this 2,286 square foot Beverly Hills home for $1.1 million (approx Rs 7.07) in 2002. She hasn't sold the house—instead, she rents it out for $12,000 a month


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Kim Kardashian put her 3,800 square foot Beverly Hills "starter home" on the market this spring for $5.5 million (approx Rs 35.41 crore).

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In 2012, Justin Bieber bought his first home—this 10,000 square foot $6.5 million (approx Rs 41.84 crore) Calabasas mansion. Khloe Kardashian bought the house in 2014 for a reported $7.2 million.

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Miley and her family bought this 8,700 square foot, Toluca Lake home in 2007 for $5.83 million (approx Rs 37.53 crore). In 2015, Miley put it on the market for $5.99 million.


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Selena Gomez's starter home was this 6,630 square foot, 6-bedroom house in Tarzana, CA. She bought the house in 2011 for $2.17 million and listed it in 2014 for $3.49 million. 


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It's fitting that Taylor Swift's starter home, this 3,240 square foot condo, was in Nashville. She bought the pad for $1.99 million (Rs 12.81 crore) in 2009. 

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Alia Bhatt, the young star of Bollywood has already got herself a beautiful pad in Juhu's suburbs, designed by Richa Bahl, which she shares with her sister Shaheen. 


Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra had always dreamed of having a sea-facing apartment, so she snapped up this sun-lit home in Mumbai's Bandra neighbourhood a few years ago. 

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