Watch: Kangana Ranaut's best advice on how to be a modern badass Advertisement

Watch: Kangana Ranaut’s best advice on how to be a modern badass

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By ELLE team  March 29th, 2017

“I’m the only rags-to-riches story. No one’s come from the grassroots (in Bollywood),” claims Kangana in our ELLE March issue, were she discusses everything from the driving force behind her success in the industry to the importance of making things happen for yourself. So it comes as no surprise that when it comes to learning how to have control on your own life, there’s no one we trust more than the Queen herself.

Much like her character from the movie Queen gradually learned how to be independent and live on her own terms, Kangana has learnt the importance of complete agency over her life after being through hell and back, more often than not in the public’s eye. Nowadays, you can hardly pick up a newspaper or scroll down your news feed without headlines proclaiming her name in association with the feud with Karan Johar (in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, here’s a quick recap). Kangana’s comments on nepotism in Bollywood have birthed several open letters and think pieces already. Her special brand of ‘haters gonna hate’ philosophy has helped her rise above the drama and continue doing what she does best without stopping.

More power to you, Kangana.