The Kangana Ranaut-Karan Johar feud just went nuclear Advertisement

The Kangana Ranaut-Karan Johar feud just went nuclear

"I'm definitely not going anywhere, Mr Johar."

By Salva Mubarak  March 9th, 2017

If you didn’t catch Kangana Ranaut’s latest performance, it’s called “Watch While I Elegantly Set Fire To Bollywood” 

To recap, the newest filmi ‘feud’ launched after Kangana systematically broke down all the conventions that any guest on Koffee with Karan has to abide by. She called host Karan Johar a ‘snooty flag-bearer of nepotism’ and reminded him that he had mocked her English-speaking skills on the couch before, leading her to work harder.

Karan only thought of a comeback days after the actual argument and — like a true gentleman — didn’t say it to Kangana’s face. While speaking at an event at the London School of Economics, the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil director decided to educate Kangana on the actual meaning of nepotism and declared that he was tired of her playing the ‘woman’ and ‘victim’ card. He also, very generously, advised Kangana that if she thought they were all so bad, then she should just leave.

Karan Johar v/s Kangana Ranaut: Phase 2

Kangana, as we know, is not one to take things lying down. In a recent statement to Mumbai Mirror, Kangana flicked her hair back, gazed at her neatly manicured finger nails before casually calling b*llshit on Karan’s claims. I can’t speak for Karan Johar’s understanding of nepotism. If he thinks that it is restricted to nephews, daughters and cousins, I have nothing to say,” she said, adding that Karan’s claims of never wanting to work with Kangana are false too, as they have worked together in the past (Ungli).

Responding to Karan’s claim that he “had provided Kangana with a platform to speak her mind”, she said, “I’m also at a loss to understand how he gave me a platform by inviting me to be on his show. I’ve been on several platforms before with several global icons. To say he helped me voice my opinions is to discredit me as an artiste and a public personality.”

Kangana also thanked Karan for his ‘graciousness’ at letting the show air unedited, while clarifying. “While I’d have blacklisted the channel if something like that had happened, let’s also remember that a channel wants TRPs, and he is just a paid host.”

The Rangoon actor also defined what using a ‘woman’ or a ‘victim’ card is and how Karan should equip his newborn daughter with the power these cards hold.

Parting words: “The Indian film industry is not a small studio given to Karan by his father when he was in his early 20s. That is just a small molecule. The industry belongs to every Indian and is highly recommended for outsiders like me whose parents were too poor to give me a formal training. I learnt on the job and got paid for it, using the money to educate myself in New York. He is nobody to tell me to leave it. I’m definitely not going anywhere, Mr Johar.”

If anyone’s looking for us, we’ll be in the corner chanting ‘Yaaaaaas Queen’.