6 reasons why everyone's talking about Kangana Ranaut on Koffee With Karan Advertisement

6 reasons why everyone’s talking about Kangana Ranaut on Koffee With Karan

Kangana is the Bill Gates of telling it like it is

By Salva Mubarak  February 21st, 2017

Kangana Ranaut’s Koffee With Karan episode will go down in whatever history book Koffee With Karan episodes are recorded in as one of the most savage episodes in its five seasons. Not to be confused with the giggle-infested Ranbir Kapoor take-down that was Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor’s episode back in 2011. Poised in blonde curls and a white shift dress, Kangana channelled a modern day Grace Kelly… if Grace Kelly was a stone-cold emotional killer. There was no name calling. Just pure ‘civic savagery’ that we will now only associate with the Bollywood royal.

Kangana was joined by Saif Ali Khan in an attempt to promote her upcoming film Rangoon. But as Saif rightfully admitted a short while into the episode, there was no point of him even being there. From the get-go, Kangana was on a roll, calling out Karan for mocking her English-speaking skills on the couch to flat-out refusing to work with the Khans of Bollywood as she knew she wouldn’t get her due. She hazed Karan throughout the episode, even declaring that if her biopic was to be made in the near future, she would have Karan Johar play the role of a snooty, Bollywood big shot, the main villain in her story. Even when Shahid Kapoor joined them for the last segment in the episode, we could not focus on spotting possible drama between him and

Haters gonna hate, Kangana’s gonna go on to become a huge success and win back-to-back National Awards

Kangana Tanu weds manu

Right after Karan Johar’s introduction that included Kangana’s long list of accomplishments over the years, she thanked him for motivating her to do better every time, especially by mocking her English-speaking skills on the couch. While a thoroughly entertained Saif looked on, Kangana went on to assure Karan that she didn’t hold it against him as sticks and stones and all that jazz. She also reminisced about being called into Aditya Chopra’s office a year ago, where he admitted to her that he never thought she would amount to anything and he was glad to admit that he has been proven wrong. Here, Karan also added that he felt the same way and that Kangana’s recent work had completely changed his opinions, while Kangana smiled serenely and reiterated that these rejections had been the driving force behind her success.

No more relationships in Bollywood

Kangana Queen

Without naming names (especially not one name that rhymes with Grithik Groshan), Kangana declared that she was going to stay away from any relationships in Bollywood, romantic or otherwise, as they’ve never led to anything good. For the entire episode, she refrained from discussing her previous controversial relationships, as is the way of queens, but when asked about the worst break-up line she’s ever heard, she said someone asked her “Who all did you tell about us?”, and there are no points for guessing who that might have been.

On staying away from social media

Kangana laughing

She admitted that losing out on advertising deals is one of the adverse effects of not being on social media, but she wouldn’t trade her privacy for a few extra zeroes in her account. She said actors are constantly in the public eye, emotionally naked for the better part of their day and it is very important to preserve personal moments and not broadcast them to the entire world. Even though it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing her takedowns on Twitter any time soon, she makes a valid point.


Kangana fashion

Working with the three big Ks of Bollywood is almost a rite of passage for any celebrity in Bollywood who is looking to make it big. But Kangana Ranaut has different ideas. She doesn’t think that it would be fair for her to work with them as her role would never be equal to theirs. She has proven in the past that she doesn’t need the star power that Aamir, Shah Rukh or Salman Khan bring to the table, with movies like Queen.

No time for petty fights

Kangana Ranaut

When the subjects of celebrity feuds, especially those that originate from his couch, came up, Karan brought up Alia’s remarks about being confused as to where Kangana is going with all her fabulous airport looks. Without batting her perfectly lined eyes, Kangana reminded Karan about the question he had asked Alia (Which celebrity would you like to stalk?) and informed him that nothing good can come from him putting words in her mouth as there was actually nothing shady about Alia’s answer despite what he might have hoped.

Shout out to Fawad

With all the shade emanating from Kangana’s side of the couch, it might have gone unnoticed but Kangana also secured her position in #TeamFawad, which is always a point in anyone’s favour. When Karan revealed that Fawad Khan’s role in Kapoor & Sons was first offered to Saif, Kangana expressed her shock and admitted that Saif would have been great for the role, but she loves Fawad. There you go.

Fawad Khan Ae Dil Hai Muishkil