Nobody wears the sari quite like Kangana Ranaut Advertisement

Nobody wears the sari quite like Kangana Ranaut

Queen K is all about that drape

By Hasina Khatib  February 13th, 2017

Depending on how graceful you are, the word ‘sari’ can conjure up images of anything from a dignified stumble to a full-on face smack into the floor. We don’t know where we were when they were handing out grace points, but Kangana Ranaut was clearly at the head of the line.

Take a look at any of her recent sari outings, and you’ll see a woman carrying off the garment with poise and elegance. Peer closer, and you’ll see the precision with which the pallu envelops her arm at just the right angle; the old-world flair with which she flaunts her high boat-necks.

“Kangana may carry off her couture gowns with poise, but she can never resist a traditional sari,” explains celebrity stylist Ami Patel. “What makes it such a joy to dress Kangana in a sari is that her posture never slips, the pallu won’t even move an inch. You won’t ever find her looking anything but one hundred per cent in control.”

And well, seeing as they don’t teach stuff like that in school, we got Ami Patel to break down the basics:

Kangana Ranaut’s checklist for the perfect sari

The fabric

Kangana has been silently fighting the good fight by pledging her allegiance to indigenous designs and rural craftsmen. The Umang Police 2017 show saw her picking a gorgeous blue sari from Madhurya; the proceeds from which were donated towards educating girls in rural India. Kangana’s love for quirk came alive through the animal motif.

The blouse

Kangana is picky about her blouse style; the high boat neck being a recurring favourite. “She doesn’t do strappy blouses or blingy numbers. Her blouses have a vintage charm to them,” adds Ami.

The style

"Kangana has done a lot towards making the traditional sari a contemporary choice for young people,” insists Ami Patel. “Even when she wears an Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla creation, it won't be in-your-face bling. She opts for tone-on-tone colour schemes."

Kangana’s advice for the young: