This Kapoor wedding proves that everyone in Bollywood is connected to everyone else Advertisement

This Kapoor wedding proves that everyone in Bollywood is connected to everyone else

We need to start seeing some family crests

By ELLE team  February 20th, 2018

Bollywood’s at it again. They’re throwing on their athleisure best and catching flights, this time for a Kapoor wedding that will create another Bollywood union, we assume, to further the Kapoors’ reign. Mohit Marwah and Antara Motiwala are getting hitched in Ras al-Khaimah this week, sealing the deal on the ever-expanding leading families of Bollywood. Mohit Marwah’s mom, Reena Kapoor, is sister to Anil, Sanjay and Boney, making him first cousins with Arjun, Jhanvi, Rhea, Sonam and all the other siblings. Antara, on the other hand, is the niece of former actress Tina Ambani.

So who else is the connected to this blue-blooded film family? Ranveer Singh isn’t just best friends with Arjun Kapoor, they’re also second cousins. Their grandparents are siblings, linking Ranveer to this branch of the Kapoors. Not to mention if Ranveer marries Deepika, she’ll officially be inducted into the inner circle.

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Let’s face it, there can’t be two major Kapoor families existing in the same space without there being some connection or the other. When Anil Kapoor and his family moved to Mumbai, his father Surinder assisted Prithviraj Kapoor on his films. The family stayed in Prithviraj’s outhouse, and have remained close for three generations.

But it was in Kareena Kapoor Khan’s generation that the Kapoor name encroached upon the territory of royals. With Kareena marrying Saif Ali Khan Pataudi, Kareena didn’t only unite two large Bollywood families — Saif’s mother is actress Sharmila Tagore — she also cemented her position as queen of Bollywood.

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Like any good ruling dynasty would, the Kapoors rallied as many prominent families of Bollywood as they could. Shweta Bachchan-Nanda, daughter of Amitabh Bachchan, married industrialist Nikhil Nanda. His mother just so happens to be Ritu Nanda née Kapoor, Kareena’s aunt.

While the current generation of Kapoors and Kapoors are all tight, we hope to see Navya-Naveli Nanda and Jhanvi Kapoor hanging out soon. Maybe those ladies could marry into Shahid Kapoor’s family and bring this legacy full circle. Manish Malhotra can do the outfits.