Karan Johar’s new fashion advisors are too cute to miss

Karan Johar is known for serving lewks after lewks on the red carpet but not everyone is impressed. Here’s something straight from the filmmaker‘s Instagram, that caught our eye.


If there’s one thing good that social distancing has done, it’s giving us a peek into the wardrobes of celebrities. But #lockdownwithejohars has rather taken a different turn for Karan Johar.

Here’s the first tip from his fashion advisors, his adorable kids, Yash and Roohi: Wear something simple.


And when it comes to shoes, they suggest you give hues of pink a break.


If you love to layer, then here’s another handy tip. Make sure it’s not shiny.

Now that you have three basic tips to revamp your style, there’s only one thing left to do. Put your self-isolation to some use and declutter your closet. After all, we need to respect the fashion police.

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