Kareena and Karisma were the height of fashion even in the '80s Advertisement

Kareena and Karisma were the height of fashion even in the ’80s

You may be able to cop the Kapoor denims, but you'll never have their genes

By ELLE team  September 21st, 2017

Few things make us cringe like ’80s fashion, but even in that dark decade, the Kapoor sisters managed to make it work. On Kareena Kapoor’s 37th birthday, Karisma posted a throwback of the two siblings that proves style isn’t something you can fake, it’s something you’re born with. Even five-year-old Kareena Kapoor knows this. It’s unclear whether the Karisma Kapoor styled her sibling, or the two wore matching outfits picked out for them by their mother (the latter makes them slightly more relatable). But what is clear is that every element of the outfit has carefully been put together into a ‘height of an 80s fashion’ lewk.

Let’s deconstruct their outfits, shall we? Even in their prepubescent years, the sisters understand layering can only up your fashion game. The exaggerated puff sleeves with polka dots, the boxy jeans rolled up and — are those stockings or boots under Karisma’s denims? Let’s not miss Kareena’s hairdo… Madonna, is that you? We’re especially loving Karisma’s round sling bag with tassels. Seriously, the fashion world didn’t stand a chance.