Have you noticed how Kareena and Taimur have started twinning? Advertisement

Have you noticed how Kareena and Taimur have started twinning?

Athleisure FTW

By Shweta Gandhi  April 24th, 2018

Ever since the birth of our current national obsession otherwise known as Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s life has begun to revolve around her little man. Her life, and her wardrobe. The actress has made subtle changes to her everyday wardrobe to incorporate more relaxed silhouettes, and a healthy helping of luxury athlesiure. We’ve counted oversized T-shirts, formal shirts, trendy sneakers… much of which we see reflected in Taimur’s own stylish wardrobe. From matching red Converse sneakers to summer-ready sporting stripes, we rounded up all the times Kareena and Taimur have twinned… on purpose.

10 times Kareena and Taimur twinned:

It's all in the...jeans.

When the entire family was #twinning while on vacation in Switzerland.

Kareena and Taimur are keenly building an extensive cap collection.

Kareena swaps her couture clothes for matching shirts.

When the entire Kapoor-Khan trio decided to give colour-coordinated outfits a shot...

Stripes are a favourite in the Kapoor-Khan family. 

When Kareena and Taimur professed their love for red Converse sneakers...

The duo prefer their oversized jumpers in monotone colours.

Who wears the checked shirt and denim combo better?

We know that Kareena and Taimur both loves their stripes, but orange is their new obsession.