These are all the bags Kareena loves Advertisement

These are all the bags Kareena loves

The Begum’s bag fetish is worth a queen’s ransom

By Hasina Khatib  February 14th, 2017

Out on the streets or whisking through the airport, designer bags are Kareena Kapoor Khan’s own form of armour. And yes, some of them have been around longer than her relationship with Saif. While she is loyal to her Louis Vuittons, Kareena is also known to make space in her closet for statement buys from Gucci and Balenciaga. Be warned, the contents ahead may feed your bag fetish. 

Meet the superstars of Kareena’s bag collection

A regular staple in Kareena’s airport wardrobe, the Givenchy Nightingale is one for the ages. This classic tan number can be yours to have and to hold for Rs 1.2 lakh at Barneys.

No one can argue with the virtues of investing in a good navy tote, so we’re sure her financial advisor approved this Balenciaga Papier tote for Rs 1.7 lakh. (You can get your hands on it at Neiman Marcus.)

Kareena and her Chanel Black Quilted Caviar Maxi bag go way back to even before Saif was in the picture. The chance to flaunt this little crossbody baby will cost you Rs 3.2 lakh precisely. (Get yours here.)

The ultimate status symbol, Kareena and her loyal Hèrmes Birkin (Rs 12.6 lakh) have seen the world together. Best friend material? We certainly think so. 

Because well, what’s a luxury bag closet without a Gucci tote occupying pride of place under a little shimmer of stars? This Gucci Supreme model (Rs 76,000) is versatile and trend-proof, just like its owner.