Kareena Kapoor’s favourite salons are surprisingly affordable

Everybody has that one hair stylist who they would trust with their hair, no matter the occasion. Armed with a blowdryer and skills, a stylist can turn your bad hair day into a profile picture-worthy selfie within minutes. No one knows this better than Kareena Kapoor Khan. Except, maybe, Malaika Arora Khan. 

The gorgeous foursome of the Kapoor and Arora sisters like to stay on top of hair and nail care whether it’s before a lunch date or after a yoga session. Maintenance is key. And after some core conditioning in chaturanga dandasana, everyone deserves some pampering.

Malaika has been spotted outside Freeda’s Salon in Bandra with her hair and nails done. We checked, and that’s roughly a bill of ₹1,200 for a cut and blowdry and ₹500 for each set of nails — not too bad for weekday upkeep. Kareena likes to get her hair done at Bandra’s Muah Salon. Where a haircut with head stylist, Nandini, will set you back ₹2,680 with a wash. So the next time your scalp is sweaty, you may want to get some professional care. Who knows, maybe you can help Kareena pick out a nail colour after her yoga class.

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