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Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals her favourite home remedies for healthy skin and hair

Plus, how to nail the no make-up make-up look

By Shweta Gandhi  August 29th, 2018

Kareena Kapoor Khan may be blessed with good skin, but there’s a lot that goes in maintaining that healthy and radiant glow. First and foremost is her daily dose of Pilates — training for 55 minutes every day along with her trainer Namrata Purohit not only helped shed her post-pregnancy weight, but also aided in flushing out the toxins. Second, it’s her home-made remedies that she religiously follows, as opposed to using beauty products to take care of her skin. We caught up with the Veere Di Wedding star at the launch of her make-up collection Kareena Kapoor Khan by Lakmé Absolute where she reveals make-up tricks, beauty hacks and more.

ELLE: What inspired you to have your own make-up line?

Kareena Kapoor Khan (KKK): “A lot of people in the industry have been working on their own fashion labels; I thought make-up was an untapped area for an actor to do. Plus, we live in make-up all the time, so it made perfect sense.” 

ELLE: What would you say is your go-to make up look?

KKK: “Bold and fearless is what is associated with me a lot. Whether it is a defining red lip or a strong eye, I know these looks work for me. Something that’s always on me is a kohl pencil — it instantly uplifts your entire look.”

ELLE: Your beauty regimen is incomplete without…

KKK: “Coconut water. I drink lots of it every day. Also, I wash my face with lukewarm water a lot when I’m without make-up.”

ELLE: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

KKK: “I have a lot of cardamom water, because that’s really good for the skin and the stomach.”

ELLE: The secret behind that glowing skin?

KKK: “Honestly, I don’t use a lot of products in terms of looking after my skin. Being a positive person really helps — remind yourself to stay happy and be glamorous to get that glow from within.”

ELLE: Home-made beauty remedies that are your life saviours?

KKK: “I use a lot of almond oil and curd for my face. For my hair, I apply curd as well, but I also get different types of oil massages done to boost my hair’s health.”

ELLE: 3 make-up tricks for girls who’re make-up novices?

KKK: “If you’re doing heavy eyes, it’s always a light mouth; if you’re doing a bold mouth, it should be a nice, defined eye. Always opt for voluminous mascara to brighten up your eyes.”

ELLE: How do you ace the no-make-up make-up look?

KKK: “Moisturising is key. Post that, I apply kohl in the inner rims of my eyes and I’m good to go.”

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