Kareena Kapoor Khan completes 15 years in Bollywood

Where were you when you first fell in love with Kareena Kapoor? In the theatre? Sprawled on the couch in your mother’s house, nodding off to Sunday afternoon TV? Or then on a night bus from Chandigarh to Manali, straining to watch the tiny TV behind the driver’s seat, while the orchestral snores of the stranger in the next seat both alarmed and comforted you? Was it before or after the hyphen-Khan? The right answer is, it doesn’t matter. Because this is really about her and how she’s completed 15 years in Bollywood and as fully paid-up members of her fan club, about us, and how we want to look back at some of the wonderful times (and the accompanying life lessons), in motion picture:

Like the time she taught us how to take compliments.

tumblr nly3t2CyOe1rwbf4ro1 540

tumblr nly3t2CyOe1rwbf4ro2 540

And how if you’re cool enough…

tumblr n6z49hKdfV1sm82nho3 r1 250 

…nobody will remember what went before it.

tumblr mz1lvvupWl1raqc8so4 r1 500

tumblr mz1lvvupWl1raqc8so5 r1 500

And that waiting for others’ approval is a happiness-snuffing cancer.

tumblr njmwf5HgFW1rwbf4ro3 r1 540

…and that joy is really in the small things…

tumblr mxum3alj5I1raqc8so2 250 

…but missing your train (or bus, or flight) is a legit horror, don’t be an idiot.

tumblr mof2rapSlN1qe29j5o4 250

And happy dances are important.

tumblr mnj8wuHr4z1rt7j2so4 250

Wigs make it a proper party!

tumblr nmlkmd6Aiz1sp2ly1o1 250

Basically, always have fun.

tumblr mqe65ePmJo1s88ak5o7 250

A little mischief goes a long way.

tumblr mym8v1sd871s88ak5o1 500

…a really long way…

tumblr mym8v1sd871s88ak5o4 r1 500

It goes very far…

tumblr mym8v1sd871s88ak5o5 r1 500

Quite a distance…

tumblr mym8v1sd871s88ak5o3 r1 500

Another 15 years further, hopefully. We love you Kareena!

tumblr nmgfr93Rxf1rwbf4ro2 r1 540


Gifs courtesy Fyeahkareenakapoor.tumblr.com

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