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Here’s how Kareena Kapoor Khan stopped her hairfall

With a little help from Rujuta Dwivekar

By ELLE team  July 14th, 2017

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s widely documented pregnancy had one less-than-obvious fallout: the star found herself losing a lot of hair. “I don’t know if it’s the change in weather or the fact that some vitamins are still being replenished, but I did experience tremendous hairfall,” she reveals in her latest Facebook Live interview with dietician Rujuta Dwivekar.

To combat the problem, Rujuta made the following few healthy tweaks to her diet.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s diet for stopping hairloss   

  •  Begin with hair oil massages. “The photos of you going to the parlour are also well-documented,” Rujuta teases Kareena, who chimes in with “who wouldn’t love getting a head massage?”

  • Add coconut in every form to your daily routine. According to the dietician, it helps to cut hairloss and slows down the greying process. Kareena’s favourite? “Coconut chutney with tamarind and a little ghee for breakfast.”

  • Black sesame seeds are also excellent for promoting hair growth, though these need to be cooked. “Add it to your dal or your vegetable dishes,” recommends Rujuta.

  • Toss out your kale chips and chia puddings. Instead, chomp down on some chaklis packed with chickpea flour. “They’re cruelty-free and gluten-free,” says Kareena with a laugh.       

Kareena Kapoor’s incredible body transformation

The body confident star has always been a trendsetter, whether in fitness or fashion.  


The rollercoaster continued, and her voluptuous figure in 'Fevicol Se' from Dabangg 2 again drew the ire of the self-appointed judge and jury. Clearly not yet acquainted with the fact that Kareena's sense of self-worth stemmed from more than what the weighing scale told her, she once again took it upon herself to educate the critics. "It was the requirement of the song. I couldn’t have looked as lean and toned as I was in ‘Halkat Jawani’ (from Heroine) because ‘Fevicol Se’ is a desi kind of number,” she shot back.


Her rocky relationship with the critics flared up when she was dubbed overweight in the Yeh Mera Dil item number in Don. Since pictures speak louder than words, please find attached an image of Kareena's absolutely normal curves for your reference.


Come 2015, her jaunt as Gaurav Gupta's showstopper in Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 made her the media darling again. While she took the accolades with a pinch of salt, Kareena clarified in a documentary that starving herself to an arbitrary size wasn't her gig. “When people come to my house for dinner, they message me saying grilled chicken, grilled only and no carbs. But rice is something I can’t live without and I always have a bowl of it on my table. I enjoy being true to my culture and enjoying the perks, the fruits, and foods,” she added.


The turning point came when she met dietician Rujuta Diwekar in 2007 and debuted her size zero figure a year later, forcing the fashion police to eat their words. "I met Rujuta when my friend Shaira introduced me to her in 2007," she recalled in an excerpt from the dietician's bestselling book, Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight. "The first thing I told her was that I would NOT give up my pizzas, pastas and Christmas puddings for anything; glossies who termed me overweight, be damned! To my utter relief, she said I could have all that and still become health and lean," reminisced Kareena.

Her leaner-and-meaner avatar in the commercial dud Tashan did, of course, go a long way towards silencing the critics. "The size-zero phenomenon. That is how Tashan will always be remembered, thanks to the media frenzy over my new size. More than the looks in the movie, I think people were looking at my body with a magnifying glass and trying to figure out how a chubby Punjabi girl had morphed into a super-toned diva," she laughed.


After her debut in Refugee, the actress shot to fame with her role as the style diva Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. However, it is the role of Princess Kaurwaki in Asoka that stands out for her after all these years. After multiple top actresses turned down the role as it required minimal make-up, Kareena stepped in with her toned pecs and that lit-from-within glow.


Still in doubt over whether she wasn't enjoying her pregnancy to the hilt? We'll let this photo from her stint down the ramp for Sabyasachi's Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016 finale do the talking.


Not one to sit idle, the new momma took to the limelight again shortly after the birth of her son. In a Facebook Live interview with Rujuta she revealed, "We've laid the ground work and I am now working to strengthen my stomach muscles and get back into great shape. But don't let anybody tell you that you shouldn't be wearing those leggings because your thighs are still fat. Enjoy it!"


In a country that still deems being pregnant and having a career as a binary choice, Kareena threw down the gauntlet with her well-publicised pregnancy. "I was flaunting my double chin, knowing that I was being photographed from every possible angle. I enjoyed my pregnancy and it was out there for the world to see. Now, Taimur is a very good-looking baby and, of course, he has the Pathan genes, but I feel some of that also had to do with his mother enjoying a lot of ghee and parathas," she says with a smile.


Drama, of course, follows the Kapoor diva wherever she goes, and rumours flew fast that she had developed an eating disorder. But they had a hard time getting to her; Kareena was quick to dismiss all the speculation, "For a long time, I used to think that diets were all about starving and punishing yourself. And I wasn't alone. A lot of people thought the same way. Then I met Rujuta. I said, 'I'm a Kapoor, I love my parathas, paneer, cheese.' Rujuta replied, 'You can go right ahead and eat all of that and more.' I was like, cool, when can we start?"