Kareena Kapoor Khan is every episode of Sex And The City ever

If you saw Veere Di Wedding and couldn’t help but think to yourself that the plot is some what inspired by the Sex and the City movie, with Kareena somehow playing both Mr Big and Carrie Bradshaw, we’re right there with you. Four girls, a failed wedding attempt and a girl’s trip later, and suddenly you want a Cosmo, designer resort wear and self-identify with Samantha. It happens.

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Get it girl.

But Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan have now taken method acting into a post-production stage and are now living out their wildest Sex in the City fantasy. None of which have anything to do with sex but everything to do with fashion and alcohol which is basically what the show is about. Right?

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In what seems to be the plot of a movie I would most definitely watch Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Karisma Kapoor, Natasha Poonawalla and all their respective plus ones go for brunch in London. Nothing says Bollywood like being photographed in London. Except maybe dancing in Switzerland, but that’s so 80s. 

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This brunch picture is so perfect we want Rhea Kapoor to spring into action and produce it into something we can emotionally invest in. Just from one glance, you can already tell this brunch was spectacular. Anything that involves drinking and sunglasses is always going to be a success. If you look closely, they are also demonstrating the various stages of posing for a selfie. From left to right, it’s almost like the de-evolution of the smile.  

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When four women wear florals and sunglasses, it can only mean one thing: day drinking. There is absolutely no other circumstance under which this phenomenon occurs. Just ask Natasha Poonawalla’s dress’s floral arrangement. 

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The ladies even involved their hubbies in their SATC reenactment. Anand Ahuja is the up-and-coming millenial with a shoe fetish. In the SATC version of their life, Sonam can’t help but tell her girls how inferior her wardrobe feels next to his. She then consoles herself with a trip to Manolo Blahnik.

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Adar Poonawalla is obviously the Mr. Big of the group. Mostly because we can imagine him being driven around in a town car while Natasha Poonawalla sports her floral arrangement around town.

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Saif is the high-profile celebrity who has women flocking to him wherever he goes, only to turn away once they catch wind of his wife’s presence. In the SATC version, Kareena teaches  her friends her signature death stare.

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Now that you know the background aren’t you dying to watch the sequel? Even if it’s just for the fashion. In true Bollywood style, the entourage even stopped for a song and dance number.

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A lesser mortal would have profiled this picture immediately.

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Not Kareena Kapoor Khan. This wasn’t a photo-op. This was her chance to prove that we need a Bollywood Sex in the City. This was her pitch and as far as we’re concerned, SOLD. We’ll take a 3-hour movie where Kareena drinks alcohol and talks in sexual innuendos. Give us scenes of her and the gang walking down the street in the hottest fashions that season.

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This is obviously a scene where Kareena and Natasha fake taking a selfie so that they can discuss how their bestie’s new hubby has acclimated to their test of ‘brunch with the girls’. You can almost hear Kareena’s approval of Anand Ahuja through her pout. His reflection in her sunglasses is all the truth we need. Tomorrow, he will send them all shoes to cement their trust and approval. 

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Lolo is clearly here to prove that single ladies can kill it too. Not just with the fashion, but also with the deadly red lipstick. At some point, she’ll even raise her sunglasses to judge someone carrying last season’s Birkin.

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The desi version of  SATC needs to air soon because we need advice on how to dress for brunch. And also for famous people to encourage us to day  drink.

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