Kareena Kapoor Khan showed us her party animal side at Sonam Kapoor's wedding Advertisement

Kareena Kapoor Khan showed us her party animal side at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding

We need to party, gurl

By ELLE team  May 9th, 2018

Kareena Kapoor Khan is becoming more and more of a party animal with each passing year. That’s right, not only has Taimur Ali Khan made his mom’s style sexier but he’s also turned her into – dare we say it – a rager. The first signs of Kareena the party animal surfaced at Aamir Khan’s Diwali bash, when the actress served lewks and pouted for the camera with all of her gal pals. But things really accelerated when she hopped onto a jet for her bestie Amrita Arora’s 40th birthday bash. Kareena went full Coachella in a feathered headdress, sequin dress and her signature pout and pose. Chuck up those deuces, gurl.

We’re not surprised, however, that she achieved max party potential at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding to Anand Ahuja. The function seemed to be the event where everyone in Bollywood let their hair down and their freak flags fly.

That’s what Kareena Kapoor Khan, mom, showed up looking like. Pick your jaw off the floor. After some red carpet lewks were served, she shimmied and we were shewk.

Rhea Kapoor then called out Kareena for not “being on stage” when her latest track ‘Tareefan’ played. “Baby mera mind, tu kare blow Baaki kare shine, tu kare glow”

And Kareena, boy did she glow. Then girlfriend’s track came on and she pulled this out:

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She genuinely cannot understand why everyone else is not on her level:

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They’ll get there, gurl.

Guys. It’s Kareena Kapooooor

Hello Hello Tu Floor Pe Kab Hai Aayi Ye Lo, Ye Lo, Badi Solid Masti Chaayi

Ole Ole Ole

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Cooling off, she took some photos with her sister and Alia Bhatt. Peace out, Kareena. You do you.