Practice yoga like Kareena Kapoor Khan

Known as a huge advocate of yoga, actor Kareena Kapoor Khan’s yoga journey started almost a decade ago. Over the years, she may have tried different workout forms like Pilates and boxing, but yoga has been a constant. After all, it’s one of the few forms of fitness that allow you to practice mindfulness while improving the metabolic rate, flexibility, muscle strength and tone. The all-round superstar and Puma brand ambassador says, “Yoga is very inclusive and all one needs is the zeal to commit. For me, yoga is a wholesome approach to wellness that impacts mind, body and soul, and there is absolutely no pre-requisite to begin yoga.”

Whether you’re doing a 20-minute routine to release tension or a fast-paced one, the benefits of regular yoga practice is tenfold. And there’s no better time to kick start your fitness journey, than on International Yoga Day. Even though it’s tough to find a yoga instructor IRL, all you need is a mat and a virtual class to get started—while you stay at home. As inspiration, we asked Kareena to share the yoga asanas she practices daily


kareena kapoor fitness


“It keeps my energy levels up through the day and helps in elevating mood while improving flexibility.”

Kareena Kapoor yoga


“This is a great chest opener and a deep hip flexor. It is great to tone your muscles while stretching and strengthening my shoulders and back.”

Kareena Kapoor yoga bow pose


“The bow pose has innumerable benefits leading to flexibility and strengthening of the back muscles. I also love that it’s a great way to stimulate the neck and abdominal organs.”


Kareena Kapoor ELLE yoga

“Also known as the warrior pose, this has really helped me strengthen my arms, shoulders, thighs and back muscles, all in one go.”

Photographs courtesy: Puma

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