The superstar brands in Karisma Kapoor's enviable bag collection Advertisement

The superstar brands in Karisma Kapoor’s enviable bag collection

An Hermès for every mood

By Hasina Khatib  April 11th, 2017

Tonight’s the night it all goes down. Get in formation and meet us round the front. Enough of admiring Karisma Kapoor’s lust-worthy bag collection from afar on Instagram; we’re officially executing an organized raid of her bag closet. Leave no man behind. And definitely no Hermès either. Worried that you’ll lose your way among all the colour-coded aisles of Chanel boy bags and Fendi clutches? Here’s our handy guide:

All the statement bags in Karisma Kapoor’s closet

And for those days when she’s feeling feisty, Karisma rings up her fellow A-list sister Kareena and they pull off some low-key Hermès twinning. After all, the family that flexes their credit cards at Hermès together, stays together.

We’re not saying that Karisma Kapoor is surgically attached to her Hermès Birkin, but well, we haven’t seen her step out without one either. The statement bag, that has enchanted fashion’s biggest names for decades now, puts in regular cameos on her Instagram feed as the prop du jour. Got it, flaunt it, right?

Who needs a man on your arm when the Milly Riley clutch looks (and makes you feel) twice as good? This hologram strap number routinely appears as Karisma’s date for her blingier outfits. 

What’s a bag fetish without a few (dozen) Chanel slings to keep it fed and healthy? Between the charcoal grey and the burgundy boy bags, we can only imagine that the Chanel section of Karisma’s bag closet comes with a zipcode directory of its own. 

Fitting in with London's uber chic crew can seem daunting, but Karisma blends right in with her Gucci Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag for company.

Not sure how to get away with basic black for a night on the town without showing up on the fashion police’s radar? Make like Karisma Kapoor and tuck a studded Fendi envelope clutch under your arm.

We'd have talked about how adorably the sisters are twinning their white sneakers, but we've only got eyes for Karisma's Hermès Togo Birkin Malachite. The electric green colour will save your brunch outfits from monochrome hell, so make sure to send your divine gratitude to Mr. Thierry Hermès on your way out.