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Karl Lagerfeld’s cat releases book

The kitty adds author to her list of accomplishments

By Sneha Sadarangani  July 10th, 2014

That Karl Lagerfeld loves his cat is no secret. She has her own iPad, two maids to attend to her and Goyard china to drink milk out of. And now, the spoilt Choupette Lagerfeld is getting her own book. Yes, apparently a Twitter account, a Wikipedia page and entire interviews dedicated to her weren’t enough. The kitty announced, via Twitter, that she will be releasing her book, Choupette: The Private Life Of A High-Flying Fashion Cat, with publishers Thames & Hudson. Due for a September launch, the book is divided into chapters on diet, beauty, healthcare, fashion tips, secret loves and pet hates. We asked ELLE’s resident cat lovers to weigh in on Choupette’s latest endeavour.

Aishwarya Subramanyam, Editor
Choupette, you gorgeous pile of lint. What goes on in that perfectly coiffed head of yours? How do you stay so shiny? What colour toe-beans do you predict will be in next season? And most important, how on earth does your dad get your white fluff off his pristine black suit?

Cheryl Ann Couto, Associate Editor
Choupette is fabulous – my expectations are high for this one. I’m looking forward to a sturdy plot, some memorable characters and meditations on the universal themes of love, loss and kitty porn.

Ridhima Sapre, Associate Beauty Editor
As a long-time follower of Choupette Lagerfeld on Twitter, I am psyched that she’s finally doing a book! I’m looking forward to her irreverent insights, sage style advice, and most of all, the secret to her perfectly fluffy, silky-smooth mane.