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Karlie Kloss launches a YouTube channel

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By Veronna Parikh  July 23rd, 2015

Karlie Kloss has a lot on her plate. She’s a full-time supermodel, a part-time coder, entrepreneur (she has her own range of biscuits – Karlie’s Kookies) and soon-to-be student at NYU. And as if all that wasn’t enough, she’s just launched her own YouTube channel: Klossy! It already has over 50,000 subscribers. The Victoria’s Secret angel promises to take you behind the scenes of her fabulous life, or as she puts it, gives you a sneak into her ‘real’ life. If you’ve seen the teaser (above) you know what you’re in for. We’re hoping for tons of updates: backstage scenes from fashion week, insider’s look at the Victoria’s Secret show, her work out secrets and more. And this is Karlie Kloss we’re talking about so we’re positive there will be a lots of parties, famous friends and of course fancy clothes! “I’ve spent the majority of my life in front of a camera, just not my camera,” says Kloss as she signs off in this teaser, “that’s where this is different. These are the things you didn’t get to see before”.

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