Katrina Kaif is Shah Rukh Khan's new social media manager Advertisement

Katrina Kaif is Shah Rukh Khan’s new social media manager

...well sort of

By ELLE team  March 9th, 2018

Katrina Kaif joined social media little under a year ago and already she’s taken over seasoned veteran Shah Rukh Khan’s account. Not that either star needs any help amassing followers. In just one short year, Katrina has managed to become one of the most active celebrities on Instagram uploading 253 posts. Whereas King Khan has only got 348, though he’s been on the platform since 2013. 

Clearly tired of the megastar’s managing of his account, Katrina decided to take matters (and the camera) into her own hands. Kaif is officially giving Shah Rukh Khan’s social media accounts a facelift. In a new Instagram post Khan reveals that Kaif has been entertaining the cast and crew of Zero on shoot by playing his social media manager. The actress has seemingly been forcing Shah Rukh to upload more, and better, pictures of himself. 

Her first attempt just about got him out of bed and into a suit:

And after Shah Rukh Khan’s second attempt deeply ‘disturbed’ her, Katrina decided to take over his feed with this : 

We wonder which other celebrities Katrina Kaif has been hassling. But we would love to see a takeover from the actress on Khan’s Instagram soon.