How this actor turned beauty entrepreneur keeps her skin in check

In The Beauty Breakdown ELLE talks to beauty obsessives about their desert-island beauty reccos, the experts on their speed dial, and everything they’ve learnt in their pursuit to achieving happy skin. This edition features Bollywood actor and founder of Kay Beauty, Katrina Kaif.


ELLE: Applying make-up has been known to bring confidence and joy; what gap do you aim to bridge with Kay Beauty?

Katrina Kaif: For as long as I can remember, make-up has been an innate part of my journey, from runway to the big screen, and finally I rendered my love for it to launch Kay Beauty. After spending years donning different looks, it was time that I created make-up that feels comfortable on the skin but also looks great. With Kay Beauty I want to bridge high glamour and care, so we don’t feel the guilt. Each product is enriched with skin-loving ingredients—this is something I expect from all make-up. I wanted to create something for all the women out there and help them accept themselves the way they are and become more confident versions of themselves.

Katrina Kaif kay beauty


ELLE: As a beauty entrepreneur, what inspired you to create a brand that gives back to society?

KK: The Kare initiatives are at the heart of Kay Beauty. It’s a special way for us to support causes that are close to my heart and help build a better tomorrow. For our first initiative we supported the De’Haat Foundation that has been creating employment opportunities for rural women. The fact that the founder Vrundan [Bawankar] and his team are creating employment instead of simply providing aid to the women is very inspiring. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also contributing to their initiative of providing aid, like food and sanitary materials to daily-wage earners in Maharashtra’s Bhandara district.


ELLE:  How has your make-up routine evolved over time?  

KK: I’ve been experimenting with make-up right from my runway days. Given the long hours in make-up in front of the camera, one has to learn to take care of their skin from day one. My first few instances with make-up were a great learning experience. Over time I’ve had the privilege of working with many professional make-up artists and that’s helped me pick up lots of make-up tips and tricks. My own skills have surely gotten a lot more professional than what they used to be. I have learnt different methods and techniques to apply make-up in a certain way.  But understanding my skin and finding products that suit me has been my biggest learning.

Katrina Kaif kay beauty


ELLE: What’s the most important make-up tip you’ve learnt over the years?

KK: Never go to bed without removing make-up. Once that is done, hydrate your skin by applying a moisturiser or night cream, it will never leave your skin to go dry.


ELLE: What’s your beauty fixation?

KK: Sensitive skin. I have to use simple, clean and high-quality products if I want it to stay calm. My way around it is to apply a moisturiser soon after I shower, drink lots of water to keep my skin hydrated and to cleanse carefully before going to bed.


ELLE: We all love our beauty DIYs, what’s your favourite?

KK: I make lots of masks, like mineral mud masks or with things like egg, honey and curd.


ELLE: As someone who loves skincare just as much as make-up, how do you prep your skin?

KK: A thorough cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine is very important to prep your skin before applying make-up.


ELLE: What’s your secret to great skin?

KK: Well, drinking lots of water. I have at least 4-5 glasses because it detoxifies the body, boosts skin cells, aids blood circulation and makes skin glow.


ELLE: You’ve probably become a master make-up tester by now. What according to you is a test every foundation must pass?

KK: The first step is to understand that the objective is to match your skin tone. Not a shade lighter, not a shade darker, an exact match. In order to do so, identify your undertone. Once you’ve done that try the foundation on a part of your face that does not have pigmentation (preferably the jawline). Let it sit for 5 minutes. If you feel it has blended in and looks like your own skin, only smoother, then voila! you have found your match.


ELLE:  What’s a self-care Sunday for you like?

KK: I spend it doing yoga, applying a face mask, massaging oil in my hair, and just unwinding with good music, food or something good to watch.


ELLE: How do you begin your day?

KK: I begin my day with some meditation and yoga, followed by cardio training and occasionally Pilates.


ELLE: What’s next at Kay Beauty?

KK: This is a very special time as October 22nd marks our first anniversary. You can expect some exciting colour cosmetics and base products in the coming two months. In the coming years Kay Beauty will grow into a full-fledged makeup brand catering to all beauty needs. Under Kare initiatives, we continue to empower women and support causes close to our hearts.


Photographs: Instagram (Katrina Kaif, Kay Beauty)


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