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Katrina Kaif’s top 10 trending moments

She is, after all, the most Googled celebrity for a reason

By Hasina Khatib  July 15th, 2016

Kaif may not be a big fan of social media, but social media sure loves her. As rumours abound among all leading dailies that Kaif may make her social media debut on her 33rd birthday (update: Kaif just launched her Facebook page), we throw back to all her trending moments online:

When her secret jaunt on the beaches of Ibiza with beau, Ranbir Kapoor became a matter of national interest. 

katrina kaif trending 1

When the Internet learned that the cost of colouring Kaif’s hair red for her role in ‘Fitoor’ was 55 lakhs and promptly lost its mind.  

katrina kaif trending 2

When Neetu Kapoor allegedly cropped her out of a family photo. Ouch.

katrina kaif trending 3

When she flaunted her toned bod in this black gown and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

katrina trending 4

When the paps photographed her and Ranbir sharing a light kiss at their love nest in Bandra. PS: would they have the most gorgeous babies, or what?

katrina trending 5

When Salman Khan put his foot in his mouth by telling Kapil Sharma that, “Katrina was of no use to me.” For what it’s worth, she did call him up to yell at him. Which of course, inspired another plethora of headlines.

katrina trending 6

When she burned the stage at this year’s IPL opening ceremony and no one, absolutely no one, could look away from those abs. Ranveer Singh even went as far as to introduce her onstage as, “Give it up for Katrina Kaif. And give it up for Katrina’s abs.”

katrina trending 7

When she made her Cannes red carpet debut and we all forgot how to breathe.

katrina trending 8

When the fake news story that Rishi Kapoor had thrown her out of their WhatsApp family group went viral.

katrina trending 9.1

katrina trending 9

And lastly, when she arrived at the L’Oréal’s Women of Worth awards dressed like an absolute dream.

katrina trending 10

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