Katy Perry is launching a mermaid-inspired makeup line Advertisement

Katy Perry is launching a mermaid-inspired makeup line

Move over, Ariel

By ELLE team  February 20th, 2017

Katy Perry has taken over our collective playlists, and she has now set her sights on your vanity kit. The CoverGirl spokeswoman is launching a new collaboration with the beauty brand, PopSugar reports, that draws inspiration from mythical mermaids. We’ll stop here for a minute for your inner 13-year-old to cheer.

Done? Okay, here’s the dope. The capsule will feature four new eyeliners, four lipsticks, and two eye shadow/highlighter duos in colors ranging from “peachy Apricat to a Bluetiful lip, shimmery highlighters in rose and gold, and a pop of Whispurr white or Purmaid green to line your eyes.”

New life who dis

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 “In the next evolution of my Katy Kat line with CoverGirl, I was inspired by Spring’s upcoming mermaid and pearlescent hues,” Perry told PopSugar. “You’ll make Ariel jealous, and look better than a shimmering Easter basket when you’re done.”