Kaya’s new expert hair care regimes takes care of the most essential hair needs Advertisement

Kaya’s new expert hair care regimes takes care of the most essential hair needs

For stronger and lustrous hair

By Kaya Clinics  October 11th, 2018

If there’s one universal issue that none of us are able to escape from, it’s hair fall. Whether it’s poor scalp health or dandruff that’s causing it, losing hair is an embarrassing woe to face. Luckily for you, Kaya’s new range of products promises to solve all your hair concerns, leaving you with a longer and stronger mane.

1. Kaya Root Regen Range

For: Hair fall

This range will help you prevent hair fall by delivering vital nutrients right where it matters — at the hair roots. The paraben-free regime comprises of 4 products — pre-wash overnight Scalp Nourishing Oil, Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Masque and a bi-phasic Hair Protect Serum — that are enriched with extracts of apple, basil, sugarcane, avocado and 100% natural olive oil. This combination stimulates the roots and makes them stronger, guaranteeing you with 2X reduction of hair fall and 30% damage reversal.

While basil rejuvenates the hair follicles, keeps the scalp cool and promotes circulation to the scalp, olive and avocado moisturizes your hair and restores luster. Apple and sugarcane, on the other hand, are a great source of antioxidants and minerals that support hair growth.

2. Kaya Vital Volume Range

For: Voluminous hair

The three products from this regime- Root Energizing Oil, Intense
Volumizing Shampoo and Intense Volumizing Masque — are must-haves for you if you want voluminous and bouncy hair.

Using natural ingredients like rice proteins, fruit extracts, green tea and exotic oils, this range restores luster and stimulates hair strands to give up to 2X volume boost for fuller and denser looking hair.

3. Kaya Dandruff Control Range

For: Dandruff-free hair

Dandruff Control

Having flakes in your hair is definitely not what you want. So why not try Kaya’s Dandruff Control regime that will banish your dandruff woes? The four products — overnight purifying lotion, gentle purifying shampoo, deep nourishing masque and the healthy hair elixir — promise up to 100% visible flake reduction when used regularly as a regime. 

Enriched with Piroctone, Olamine, Salicylic Acid and Marine Algae extracts, this regime ensures a clean and deeply nourished scalp. Perfect to use for both oily and dry scalps.