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Kérastase helps you deal with damaged hair

It works, we've tried it too!

By ELLE team  February 11th, 2016

Obsessed with your hair straightener? Seduced into trying a new colour every few months? The damage from frequent heat styling, colour jobs and hair treatments can go to the core of each strand. But don’t let the guilt of burnt, dull and lifeless hair bring you down. The new Kérastase Résistance Thérapiste will fix it for you – there’s hope for the most damaged hair too. (Watch the cheeky campaign above.)

Kérastase’s latest damage repair technology contains a Resurrection Sap that comes from a desert plant myrothamnus flabellifolia. This plant can lie dormant for years and re-blooms with just a few drops of water – now imagine what it can do for your dry and damaged hair. This along with a Fibra-Pro Kap technology to strengthen the keratin in your hair from inside out makes sure hair is hydrated, nourished, smoother and stronger. Try a few sessions of the Kératherapy ritual at a salon, follow it up with their at-home range and you’ll never be guilty of damaging your hair again. 

ELLE Beauty assistant, Anjan Sachar tried the Kérastase Split End Sealing Ritual:
There really is no cure for split ends, but the Kérastase’s Résistance Thérapiste treatment nips the problem in the bud. The hair expert started my repair treatment with the creamy Résistance Bain Thérapiste shampoo. My hair got another shot of moisture from the Résistance Thérapiste hair mask – it works at the core almost bandaging each hair strand. After a quick blow dry, the Sérum Thérapiste with it’s split ends healing Resurrection SAP is sealed into my hair as the expert runs a straightener over my hair. The results were instantly visible and my hair felt smooth and shiny from root to tip. (Rs 1,500 onwards. Available at all Kérastase salons.)

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