Khushi Kapoor wanted to model, but now she's thinking of joining Bollywood Advertisement

Khushi Kapoor wanted to model, but now she’s thinking of joining Bollywood

Boney Kapoor opens up about life post Sridevi's death

By ELLE team  July 26th, 2018

6 days, Rs 48 crore — Dhadak is showing signs of being a roaring success, and the Kapoor family is quite elated with its performance. No wonder Khushi Kapoor is now fully convinced that acting is the field she wants to enter, revealed her father Boney Kapoor in a recent interview. “Khushi first wanted to become a model — but now she has shifted her focus to becoming an actress,” he said. Interestingly, Sridevi had once said in an interview that she did not want her daughters to follow the same career path as her.

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“The unpredictability of the profession was one reason. Sri was a perfectionist; she put in a lot of hard work. She felt that Janhvi should enjoy what her parents had achieved and if at all she wanted to start working, she should get into a profession where there was comfort,” he said. With no fixed hours and a formal schedule to follow, it can be a difficult journey as an actor. But Janhvi was certain of her decision, and off she flew to Los Angeles to pursue an acting course, with her parents in full support. “We had that faith in her that she can look after herself, not do anything wrong and not get carried away. That was the assurance,” said Boney.

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“I will be there to guide her for sure. She will also have Karan [Johar] to guide her. But I want Janhvi to polish her instincts and take decisions independently,” he added.

Boney also spoke about how it was Salman Khan who made him realise that his oldest son Arjun Kapoor had it in him to become an actor. “It hurt when Tevar [a film that had Arjun in the lead] didn’t do well, but Arjun didn’t blame me for it,” he said. In fact, he praised Arjun for acting maturely when Sridevi passed away. “He flew in to Dubai to be with me. Anshula was in Mumbai with Janhvi and Khushi. I am blessed to have these four. They love each other a lot and I am glad that they have come together. It was due to happen any time, it just happened when something unfortunate happened. They have two different mothers, but why should they get affected? They need their father now, and I am going to be around them,” he said.

You are the reason for our strength. Love you, happy birthday Arjun bhaiya

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Being a single father can be gruelling, but Boney believes his resilience will see him through. “My shock absorbers are strong, physically and emotionally. I wouldn’t lie. I have my moments when I am down and low. But I gather myself when decisions are to be taken. Today, I am prepared for anything. I don’t fear anything.”

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