Kiara Advani’s secret to achieving a natural and healthy glow

If there’s one actress who’s been in the news, it’s Kiara Advani for her impressive performance in Kabir Singh. After debuting in 2014, the 26-year-old made appearances in both Hindi and Telugu cinema, and has now become a household name after her character Preeti won hearts across India. Known for her minimalistic approach to beauty, Advani is all about getting that glow from inside out. We got Pond’s India’s brand ambassador to tell us all her skincare secrets, what she derives her confidence from, and the beauty motto she follows in life.

ELLE: How do you usually start your day?

Kiara Advani: I start my day by drinking a glass of water as I believe good skin is not simply a matter of DNA, but your daily food and skincare habits. Closely followed by a good skincare regime, our skin needs care and that starts with basic cleansing and moisturising. I have been using the Pond’s Light moisturiser for a while now and it’s perfect for everyday moisturisation and hydration needs. So, using that too has become an integral part of my morning routine.


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ELLE: What is your skincare routine like? How do you maintain that natural glow?

KA: A basic but effective skincare regime includes cleansing and moisturisation, and that is something I strictly follow. I wash my face with a gentle gel-based face wash and follow it up with the right moisturiser or serum depending on my needs. If I must spend a lot of time outdoors, I make sure I apply a good sunscreen, I make sure to remove make-up and, of course, follow a good night time skincare regime. In fact, I always feel that a nigh skincare routine is often overlooked but it’s equally important since your skin heals and repairs itself at night. I use the new night cream and the serum from the, Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma+ range, since I strongly feel the need of products that are backed by science and have the right kind of ingredients that helps my skin.

ELLE: What does beauty mean to you? And what do you think is your biggest beauty learning over the last few years?

KA: Beauty for me means having healthy and glowing skin. Even when I am off camera, I like to keep my look neutral, with little make-up and more focus on my skin. One thing I have learned as an actress over the last few years is to follow a good skincare regime, eat the right things, drink lots of fluid and have a balanced lifestyle. A mix of all those things is what makes you feel and look beautiful.


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ELLE: How do you feel the perception of beauty within the industry has changed over the years?

KA: For me, it’s always more relatable to see an actor who is natural on screen. I believe less is more. The imperfections are what make you unique. It’s more about the personality, the inner beauty, the originality that makes you relatable.

ELLE: What’s the one thing that makes you feel confident?

KA: My smile makes me the most confident. Also, I love it when my skin feels great, hence having a healthy skin equals to having confidence for me.

ELLE: What’s the biggest beauty challenge you face when you’re on set or shooting on location?

KA: Heavy make-up, shooting under bright lights, sun, pollution and even radiation from screens. There are various factors that throughout the day takes a toll on your skin, and that is why it’s important to be aware of the various concerns and to take necessary precautions.

ELLE: You have always played very real, relatable roles in movies—is there any character that is closest to your personality?

KA: I still haven’t played a character that is exactly like me, however every character has a certain percent of my own personality which makes them relatable.


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ELLE: Are there any natural remedies you swear by?

KA: I love natural face and hair packs, that I usually rustle up something from my kitchen, these recipes have been passed down from my grandmother and mother and so on.

ELLE: Who according to you has the best skin in the industry?

KA: I’ve worked with Kareena Kapoor Khan and she has flawless skin.

ELLE: How do you take care of your skin during the monsoon? What tweaks do you make to your routine?

KA: It’s important not to forget that we still need a good sunscreen, a lot of people think that because the sun isn’t bright, you can do away with a sunscreen, but that’s a myth. Using a good sunscreen which has a non-oily formula is the way to go. Continue with your daily moisturisation and just keep taking care!

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