Kiehl's India launches its 14th outlet in India at Select City Walk, New Delhi Advertisement

Kiehl’s India launches its 14th outlet in India at Select City Walk, New Delhi

Here's some great news for skincare snobs

By ELLE team  March 5th, 2020

We all know how a good skin care product can make or break your beauty regime. That’s why we were excited when Kiehl’s India launched its 14th store in India at Select City Walk, New Delhi on February 28. Jim Sarbh, who is one of the biggest advocates of the brand, was present to celebrate the occasion.

Jim Sarbh, who knows how cautious you need to be when you select skincare products for yourself, said, “Kiehl’s India happened to me at a time when I knew I was ready to make a conscious choice in selecting a skincare brand which would help me rejuvenate my skin. I can only say I am elated to be a part of Kiehl’s India and be an extended family to the brand. Now to pick up my favourite products from the brand I don’t need to make an international trip. I have been an avid user of Powerful strength line reducing concentrate; it is one of my essentials in my skincare regime.”

The most important skincare rule that everybody follows is to keep a check on the ingredients that your skincare products have and trying out new skin care products with different formulas before we make any long term commitment towards a skincare ritual and brand. Kiehl’s India shines as a brand because it helps its customers with these two basic skincare diktats. The store has in-house representatives who educate the customers about the ingredients of the products and help them figure out the best formulation for their skin that they can test before they make the final commitment towards it. Kiehl’s India ‘try before you buy’ initiative, and transparency with skincare ingredients has won hearts of skincare snobs the world over, and has been the driving force that has propelled Kiehl’s India from an apothecary which started in New York’s East Village neighbourhood to 250 stores around the world.