Kiehl’s iconic Ultra Facial Cream just got an incredible upgrade Advertisement

Kiehl’s iconic Ultra Facial Cream just got an incredible upgrade

Here’s why you need to pay attention

By Tatiana Dias  June 3rd, 2019

Suffer from dry skin? Fret not, because Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream will solve all your skincare woes. This cream that launched in 2006 was so good that it first became an overnight sensation, and then a cult product. Today, it continues to live up to its reputation of being the penultimate hydrator by tapping into its ability to absorb moisture from the air. Now, Kiehl’s is taking things up a notch; the skincare brand just introducing the ultra clean version of this skincare classic!

The new formula consists of glacial glycoprotein (a protein that is derived from sea glaciers which protect and deeply hydrate your skin, while preventing water-loss) and olive-derived squalene (a refined moisturising oil that strengthens and restores the skin’s moisture barrier). Working together, these ingredients hydrate the skin 2.3 times more. As a result, your skin feels smoother, softer and visibly healthier, after just one application.

Since the mid-2000s, Kiehl’s had made a conscious effort to develop all-new formulas without using parabens. The new Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is not just parabens-free, but also made without any carbamides and T.E.A. Therefore you can hydrate your skin without causing any irritation. Since each skin type is different, the formula was tested across various sensitive skin types, as well as ethnicities, which means that it is perfect for Indian skin too.

Kiehl’s’ chemists take extra care with product reformulations to ensure that users of the existing formula do not feel like that application experience is compromised. It can take dozens of trials over multiple years to create a formula that matches the experience, performance and safety of the original product. Given the global popularity of the Ultra Facial Cream, this is Kiehl’s most challenging reformulation by far.

And we’re pleased to report that it has paid off.