Kim Kardashian's bleached blonde hair is just as fragile as yours Advertisement

Kim Kardashian’s bleached blonde hair is just as fragile as yours

Here's what she does about it

By Kaysey Davis  September 28th, 2017

It’s fashion month, which means Kim Kardashian has gone blonde again. (She first revealed a platinum lob during Paris Fashion Week in 2015, and then again in February of 2017.)

Instagram: @KimKardashian

At New York Fashion Week, Kardashian made a stop at Nexxus New York hair salon where her newly platinum hair — courtesy of celeb colourist Chris Appleton — was treated to the brand’s emergency reconstructing treatment ($20), The rinse-out treatment features a higher-than-usual concentration of protein (which makes up 90% of hair), as well as marine collagen and elastin, to replenish what is lost in the dyeing process and during daily styling. “It restores hair to a virgin look, feel and strength,” says Kevin Mancuso, global creative director for the brand.

 Kim KNexxus
Instagram: @KimKardashian

Kim Kardashian at Nexxus salon in New York City.