Kim Kardashian is launching her own beauty line Advertisement

Kim Kardashian is launching her own beauty line

We are not sure how our wallet feels about this

By Hasina Khatib  June 16th, 2017

Love them, hate them, there’s no denying the sheer genius of the Kardashians’ PR machinery. They’ve got you salivating over contouring, only to tell you that you need to get behind nontouring instead… and have you seen the new Lip Kit? In the ten years of their complete subjugation of pop culture, we’d have thought that their financial team would have scraped the bottom of the barrel by now. Clearly not, because Kim is taking inspiration from Kylie Jenner, the youngest person on the Forbes’s richest 100 list, and dropping her own beauty line.

The reality star couldn’t have thrown down harder if she donned a cowboy hat and fired multiple shots into the air.

So what does Kim’s latest cash cow have to offer? Called KKW Beauty, zero points for working out the acronym, the line currently plays up to Kim’s make-up strengths: countouring (zero points, again). The Creme Contour & Highlight Kit promises to induct you into Kim’s shimmery world, and we’ve heard word that there’s a fragrance in the works as well.

 In case her 100 million strong Instagram base wasn’t enough, Mrs West will also be launching a second reality show based on beauty, that’ll probably double up as an all-access advertising vehicle. Like we said, sheer genius.