Inspired by Goa⁠—Klove’s new collection offers a stunning blend of art and lighting Advertisement

Inspired by Goa⁠—Klove’s new collection offers a stunning blend of art and lighting

You’ll want everything from this collection

By Shree Vrinda  October 15th, 2019

Since the inception of Klove in 2006, Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth have ensured that they don’t just create lighting but explore art through their collections.

Defined by experimentation and exquisite craftsmanship, the designers have always believed in pushing boundaries, with their larger-than-life installations for beautiful unconventional homes.

With their latest Goa collection, the duo explores the sunny state’s paradise-like charm. Their latest collection–featuring massive lights, statement showpieces, and other standout installments—promises to add the perfect touch of tropical luxury to any home.

In light of this stellar collection, which pays tribute to the iconic ’70s era of Goa, we chat with designer mavericks and founders Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, about their new collection, their ideation process and their idea of the perfect ‘Klove home’.

ELLE: We know this collection is inspired by Goa, but what about Goa sparked this idea?

Gautam Seth: The Goa collection was inspired by us wanting to design something for our house. Goa has always been a destination that’s very close to my heart.

ELLE: What was your ideation process like? How long did it take for it to take shape into this outstanding collection?

Prateek Jain: The collection started with us wanting to make a light that we could use in our own home. It was really important for us to use a variety of different materials, inorganic and organic. We wanted to create a light that ties in the natural elements that surround you, to bring the nature of Goa into our home. That is why we used materials such as rattan cane, and veneer for this piece, and I wanted the aspect of earthiness without losing its sophistication.

ELLE: What do you think of when you imagine the perfect ‘Klove home’?

GS: Whenever we think of designing a house for ourselves we think about a house that has a very clear 70s vibe of modern living but at the same time has objects designed and collected from over a period of time. I like my house to have a very relaxed feel, I don’t like stuffy homes.

ELLE: What sets this collection apart from the rest of your designs?

PJ: The most important thing that sets this collection apart is that it’s more relaxed in its approach and it’s not a very structured collection. It features more installation-like pieces and it’s literally like playing with foliage, like how you do a flower arrangement. The fact that we use many different materials and put it together is what makes it interesting.

ELLE: Can you share a few tips for people looking to spruce up their home for the festive season?

GS: I think the best way to spruce up your house is to take away the clutter of things that you don’t use and stack things up beautifully so there’s some order to the house. That being said, candles and fairy lights are always a good way to bring about the feeling of festivity.

ELLE: What’s a design or decor trend you’re currently loving?

PJ: I’m loving the 1970s geometric shapes and patterns; really strong shapes paired with simplicity and clean edges and uncluttered spaces.