8 popular Korean beauty and skincare myths: Debunked

The world grows smaller, and slightly more ridiculous, every day with the advancement in technology and the readily available information about literally anything under the sky. So it wasn’t really a surprise when the world caught on to the intense skincare regimen practiced by women of all ages in Korea.

K-beauty (as it’s called by people in the know) is the gift that keeps on giving. Over the years, it has given us a lot, including the life-changing BB cream and a skincare trend that makes us look like an amateur Leatherface. But before you immerse yourself fully in the world of multiple masks and innovative beauty products, you need to sort the myths from the facts.

Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia, who is a self-confessed K-beauty aficionado, recently returned from Seoul, Korea, and decided to help us do just that. “Korean culture requires the women to look flawless at all times. This has caused and entire industry to develop and thrive,” she says.

Truths and myths about Korean skincare

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