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Krèsha Bajaj on 5 documentaries that influenced her design aesthetic

Inspiring movies and series for every art and fashion enthusiast

By Isha Mayer  October 20th, 2020

Apart from her dreamy couture, if there’s anything else every fashion enthusiast admires about Krèsha Bajaj, it’s her visually appealing Instagram feed. Known for her use of soft, pastel colours, embellished pieces and the creation of The Love Story Lehenga, Krèsha’s label creates refreshing, effortless designs—something that every millennial bride searches for. Her one-of-a-kind aesthetic reflects on her social media page as well as her designs.

We asked Krèsha to jot down the movies that impacted her work and life. Here are the five movies and series that she wants you to watch (and should definitely be on every art and fashion lover’s radar).

Exit Through the Gift Shop

“It’s a wonderfully narrated film giving an insight into some of the biggest names in street art today. The raw passion of these artists to create something original and beautiful without the frills of fame is extremely inspiring. It’s almost an art in itself watching artists create beautiful artwork which is vandalism to some but art to most,” she shared.

Bill Cunningham: New York

“A stunning, deeply thought-provoking and inspiring documentary. Probably one of the best ones I have ever watched. Bill Cunningham is such an iconic figure and getting a glimpse into his life is extremely refreshing. You really get to watch New York through his lens and understand the raw beauty of fashion which makes me respect the dedication to this craft all the more,” said the designer.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

“Manolo Blahnik is probably one of the best shoemakers in today’s age. It’s humbling to watch him excelling at his craft despite his claims of being merely a cobbler. It really makes one think about the love and effort that’s gone behind making a Manolo and the aura behind purchasing and wearing such a special shoe,” said Krèsha.

Notebook on Cities and Clothes

“This captivating documentary describes the relationship between purchasing a piece of clothing and the memories that are attached to it. We all have a special piece that reminds us of the beautiful memories we created and this documentary nostalgically touches upon memories and how time and place influence fashion from time to time,” she shared.

Signe Chanel

“This series is a must-watch for all fashion lovers. No one does Haute Couture better than Chanel and this series perfectly captures all the little nuances that go behind creating a collection as iconic as Chanel’s,” she said.