Kylie Jenner will have a $1 billion beauty brand by 2022 Advertisement

Kylie Jenner will have a $1 billion beauty brand by 2022

After all, she made $10 million in one day

By Alyssa Bailey  August 10th, 2017

How much money can a beauty brand whose $29 products sometimes sell out in minutes online make in just a year and a half? $420 million in retail sales—at least in the case of Kylie Cosmetics, Women’s Wear Daily reports. The outlet sat down with Kris and Kylie Jenner—and Kris provided the outlet with documentation to back their 18-month figures up.

What’s most remarkable, according to WWD, is the business’s growth trajectory compared to traditional beauty brands. Kylie Cosmetics is on track to be a $1 billion business in five years, by 2022, a feat that took Bobbi Brown Beauty, for example, 25 years to reach, and L’Oréal’s Lancôme 80 years.

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Kylie is still pulling in insane numbers from her sales. She made $10 million in one day with the launch of her birthday collection on August 1. The biggest sales day, according to WWD, was November 21 when Jenner released her holiday collection. That brought in over $18.9 million.

Kylie hasn’t even launched concealer and foundation yet, but that’s coming at the end of this year. “I want to step into that world, which is challenging,” Kylie told WWD, since she’d have to perfectly reflect the different shade colors online because customers can’t try them out in a store. “It’s going to be hard to buy concealer online. That’s why I kept pushing it back…[But] I’m up for it.”

Kylie also wants her own stores. “I don’t know how we’re going to do it,” she said of the move into physical retail.”It think it’s time people walk into a store and see Kylie Cosmetics… I do want that but we haven’t figured out exactly how we’re going to do that and what approach were going to take.”