This NYC-based sustainable lifestyle brand is reiterating the beauty of slow fashion and living

Helmed by Vidur Adlakha from India and Riccardo Benedini from Italy, premium sustainable label Là Fuori is the brainchild of the two designers, headquartered in New York. ‘Là Fuori’ in Italian translates to ‘out there’, synonymous to the label exploring various multitudes: an ode to travel, sustainability, textiles and highlighting the local crafts to the world.

Giving importance to the naturally sourced produce over synthetically manufactured products, Là Fuori aims at creating a community of ‘nomadic and creative hearts’ who are committed to enhancement, inclusion and safeguarding artisan cultures across the globe. The label makes handcrafted womenswear of the finest quality that is available to shop online and in a stunning atelier in Vicenza, Italy.

Là Fuori

Its debut collection titled Road to Barmer brings together a complementary bouquet of Indian art that synthesizes comfort, luxury, craftsmanship, sustainability and design. The collection is a stylish amalgamation of designs and contemporary silhouettes fit for any affair. Expect flounce edge tops, full-bodied high waist Kurabo denim skirts, flair pants and also premium swim wear which blends traditions with the modern aesthetic. In terms of detailing, think sartorial excess. We’re talking crystal and gold hand embroidery, voluminous sustainable silhouettes, organic palette with foliage taking the centre stage. The line brings craft and culture of the Indian heritage in a form that fits the sartorial sensibilities of the millennials today.

The DNA of Là Fuori lies in minimalism, naturalness and uniqueness of the products across distinct categories: from handmade travel accessories to eco-friendly, handwoven bamboo grass bags. “Working towards our goals on sustainability and our love for the environment, we envision ourselves working hands on with organic fabrics, dyes and elements to make this world a better place,” shares Adlakha.

The label also constitutes a strong brigade of female employees and is gradually marching towards fulfilling its endeavour of empowering underprivileged women artisans in the country. Là Fuori aims to unite people through discovery and travel along with a promise to continue the use of sustainable techniques for the environment. Keeping consciousness at the forefront, the label is also constantly working towards giving back to rural traditions for the future well-being of the environment.

Who said sustainable is unattainable?

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