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Love your bling but looking for something less OTT? A new label called Naya, by Delhi-based designer Ananya Malhotra, should have you covered. The 24-year-old employs rubies, sapphires, diamonds and other precious gemstones in contemporary forms – think waterfall necklaces and drop pendants. We caught up with Malhotra for more:

ELLE: How did you enter jewellery design, and what was the concept behind Naya?
Ananya Malhotra: The concept of Naya was born in my final year at Central Saint Martins [London]. I’d been selected by Swarovski for their ‘Fantasy And Fiction’ assignment, for which I developed a pair of bridal cuffs (my take on the Indian chudas) and how its significance had changed over time. I then went on to do my thesis on the history of jewellery in India, and its relevance to a millennial. I feel very passionately about this subject, I wanted my label to be a representation of lost traditions but in a way that is contemporary and relatable. Hence the name Naya, meaning new.

ELLE: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
AM: The collection has been inspired by the chakras, and is divided into two parts. The first is Celestial Lotus – an important symbolic element in all the chakras. The Naya representation of this symbolic flower is edgy and contemporary, yet delicate in form. The second part of the collection is called Synergies. This represents the movement of energy from one chakra to another — the fluid motions which lead to the ideal state of balance. The stones that have been used in the collection have a purpose. They remind the wearer of how each gemstone plays a vital role in balancing and energising the chakras.  

ELLE: Could you elaborate on the techniques and materials used in the line?
AM: Since I am a certified gemologist, gems are the focal points of my pieces. I am always trying to discover and create new shapes and cuts. A large percentage of the gemstones I use are couture cut, and made-to-design. The collection features amethysts, rubies, diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmalines and other precious stones, all create a dramatic impact set in rose, yellow and white gold.

ELLE: Which three pieces from your line sum up Naya perfectly? 
AM: The Naya Synergy Power Ear Jackets,  Celeste Energised Lotus Necklace and the Synergy Scattered Ruby Bangle.

Price range: Rs 1,00,000 – Rs 16,00,000. Naya will be available at

Flip through the gallery to check out the collection

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