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Label to know: Example

The designers work with artisans across Africa, South East Asia and Papua New Guinea

By Malika V Kashyap  April 14th, 2015

Given their motto — “Inspired by handmade techniques from everywhere” — a key element of Example’s business is collaboration. “We’re working with people in Africa, South East Asia and Papua New Guinea to create a brand that represents a global crafts initiative, with well-designed products for the international customer and fair-wage for the artisans,” explains co-founder Moutushi Sarkar. Sarkar and Rituraj Singh started Example, and were later joined by their mentor, Anchal Bohra. The tie-and-dye techniques of shibori and bhandani are used to create tunics, frocks and cropped trousers, and Sarkar describes their team of artisans as invaluable champions who enable Example to exist. One of the brand’s biggest challenges, and a priority that Sarkar promises will not shift “even when we are a multi-million dollar company”, is ensuring that the ecosystem of innovation and their network of interdependent artisans thrive.

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Available at Sacha’s Shop, Goa; Rudraksh, Pune; and Teatro Dhora, Jaipur. 

Photograph: Nishanth Radhakrishnan; Styling: Arushi Parakh; Make-up and hair: Sonam Kapoor