Label to know: Fizzy Goblet

India’s designer shoe industry is not exactly a crowded space, despite our country being the second largest footwear exporter in the world. When Laksheeta Govil and Abhinav Mehra chose to enter a market rife with possibilities, they began with the humble jooti, which entered the digital age with Fizzy Goblet’s e-commerce shop. The classic style has been reimagined with designs that are rich in pop culture references — lots of bright prints and illustrations. To combat the preconception of jootis as typically uncomfortable, the brand has created a special cushioned sole, too. A new range is on the cards, and while it’s all very hush-hush, this team is clearly doing its bit to ensure that ‘Made in India’ continues its ascent within the footwear and accessories market.

Flip through the gallery to ge a glimpse of the collection 

Photographs: Nishanth Radhakrishnan; Styling: Arushi Parakh; Make-up and hair: Sonam Kapoor.

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