This label is rethinking traditional Indian wear from a millennial’s perspective Advertisement

This label is rethinking traditional Indian wear from a millennial’s perspective

Traditional designs for Gen Z

By Saaniya Sharma  December 24th, 2019

With their eponymous label, upcoming designers Saksham and Neharicka revisit Indian occasion wear by melding age-old craftsmanship with avant-garde motifs and edgy silhouettes. Launched in 2017, the label brings a contemporary sensibility to traditional Indian designs to make it appeal to the sartorial sense of Gen Z. Hailing from two different parts of the country, Kolkata and Mathura, the designer-duo is firm-footed in their hometowns and the folklore-inspired art while also drawing inspiration from the modern millennial. ELLE got up close to find out more:

ELLE: What led you to start a label together?

Saksham & Neharicka: After studying design at Pearl Academy, New Delhi and NIFT, Kangra respectively, we realised how expressive fashion could be. We both have always been introverts, so this seemed like a perfect way to express our thoughts.

ELLE: Where are your artisans from and how has been the experience working with them?

S&N: Our artisans come from Bihar, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh, and our weavers are based out of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. We are training our artisans to be designers because they are the most experienced brains, hands, and eyes of the industry. We want to help uplift them monetarily by offering them incentives for every design they produce apart from their fixed salaries.

ELLE: Which is your favourite piece from your latest collection ‘Murtaza’?

S&N: Our favourite piece is the kaftan dress in Gulistaan—a print that was hand-painted on a plate and then detailed digitally to bring onto the chanderi.

ELLE: What’s next for the brand?

S&N: We are exploring international markets; we recently did an exhibition in Dubai and received an incredible response. We are looking forward to broaden our horizons.