Lady Dior’s artsy reinvention is one more reason to love the iconic handbag Advertisement

Lady Dior’s artsy reinvention is one more reason to love the iconic handbag

Fashion and art come together to create magic

By Avani Thakkar  November 7th, 2019

Deciding to splurge on a luxury handbag is the decision of a lifetime, no exaggerations here. Long-lasting quality, a classic design, prestigious heritage value and a charm that transcends trends or fads are just some of the checklist items that come to mind. Allow us to make the selection process a little easier.

Lady Dior is a craftsmanship marvel that has been around for decades, yet constantly creeps up in style conversations owing to its trans-generational character. The handbag is an ode to femininity and the spirit of the French couture house. Lady Dior is perhaps that one timeless icon which is no stranger to reinterpretations, and moulds itself with the personality of its wearer.

For the fourth edition of Dior Lady Art, 11 artists from around the globe re-imagined the handbag and rendered it as a unique piece of art. The infusion of individual creative ethos with Lady Dior’s craftsmanship is the dreamy collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Click through the gallery below to pick out your favourite imagination of the Lady Dior:

Mickalene Thomas, USA

This multicolour embroidered version of the Lady Dior bag in printed calfskin and hand painted patterns is a charming reiteration. We love the detailing of pearls, crystals and plexiglass fragments. The best part? Its handles are set with multicolour gradient Swarovski crystals.
Eduardo Terrazas, Mexico

Minimalists will adore this Lady Dior bag in white calfskin and black patterns, with bicolour handles and incredible leather covered charms.

A mini version of the classic handbag in black calfskin embroidered with a marquetery of painted wood. A visual delight and statement accessory, to say the least. 

Living life in technicolour becomes easy with a revamped Lady Dior bag in multicolour calfskin.
Maria Nepomuceno, Brazil

Fiery red velvet, lambskin and natural pearls come together to give way to this beautiful masterpiece. It's embroidered with colourful beads, sequins and macramé flowers.
Rina Banerjee, USA

This version in off-white calfskin and transparent nylon is a subtle yet powerful accessory that looks super dreamy with glass beads, moonstones, cowry shells and hand-embroidered leaves. The mini version of the same comes in artsy grey calfskin, so we guess its safe to say that you'll never run out of handbag options.
Joana Vasconcelos, Portugal

We know what we're taking with us for those weekend night-outs with the girl gang. A large Lady Dior bag in black shiny calfskin with LED inlay, and a sassy red resin heart-shaped charm.
Marguerite Humeau, France

A quirky reinterpretation, created with 3D printing techniques. Toned down, elegant and an excellent partner for your brunch dates.
Wang Guangle, China

Contrasting colours and effects along with edgy transparent handles are surely a match made in heaven. It comes in a mini version which is equally stylish.
Raqib Shaw, UK

The handbag of our dreams is here in navy blue calfskin and gold printed patterns. Our favourite bit? The stunning charms in aged gold-tone metal, enamel and Swarovski crystals.
Jia Lee, Korea

Florals for spring isn't groundbreaking but florals printed on a mini black cowhide Lady Dior bag certainly is. The magic is in the details aka organza and glass beads embellishment. This comes in an off-white cowhide version too, so you have the best of both worlds.
Athi-Patra Ruga, South Africa

It doesn't get spunkier than this. Get ready to turn every head on the street as you strut out with this black handbag with an exemplary 3D effect, embroidered with pearls, fabric and metal flowers and crystals. 

Adorned with all things nice: pearls, sequins, crystals, quilted satin and more, this mini mini Lady Dior bag is a fascinating vision.
Kohei Nawa, Japan

This is as statement as it can get. Printed metallised leather, dramatic  PVC patterns bonded at high frequency and filled with silver or red gel, this accessory is truly one of a kind.