Lady Gaga is the new face of Shiseido

Fashion’s reigning kook, Lady Gaga, has been announced as the face of Shiseido’s 2015 campaign. But it only covers Japan, which is odd, but not a complete surprise. (She’s barely making a dent on pop charts so this can still be defined as progress.)

In case you hadn’t noticed, Gaga feels very strongly about the The Empire of Japan for someone who barely knows the language. Many Japanese hearts swelled with pride when they spotted her wearing clothes emblazoned with these words to South Korea – a former Japanese colony. And her outfits are heavily inspired by Japanese culture which can be summed up in one word: Manga. 

For the new campaign, she’s taken 50 selfies that will be out in different Japanese dailies between January 1 and 5. No news of what range or products she’ll be promoting as of now, but according to WWD, the brand has no plans of releasing the commercials outside of Japan.

What’ll it be, Gaga? Sashimi face mask? 


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