All hail Lady Gaga, the true queen of the Met Gala 2019

If you’re still unsure about what “camp” fashion is, allow Lady Gaga to demonstrate. The singer/Met Gala co-host/Queen of Camp showed up to this year’s benefit in a massive hot pink Brandon Maxwell gown, complete with a cascading train and a giant matching bow on her head. But wait, that’s not all: Gaga then proceeded to out-camp them all with FOUR live outfit changes on the red carpet.

1Lady gaga entering


Yep, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta really did that. Delivering a series of dramatic red carpet poses underneath a parade of black umbrellas, Gaga’s dramatic train required its own entourage to guide it down the red carpet. But if you thought Gaga was going to stop there, well you thought wrong. 

3 changing

She then proceeded to put on a show with FOUR outfit changes on the red carpet.

4 changed

First, she took off her giant pink cape to reveal an all-black ensemble.

5 replacement1147406294

Then, there was another hot pink gown complete with a giant black cell phone bag by Judith Leiber. Hello, Lady Gaga? You’re a goddamn treasure.

6 aand its off

7 its not over yet

And last but not least, she finished the show in a bra, fishnet, and underwear while her entourage pulled up a hot pink wagon full of rosé and pink cowboy hats. Because, why not? 

Photographs: Getty Images.

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