These latest additions to the Gucci décor collection are all the rage Advertisement

These latest additions to the Gucci décor collection are all the rage

When fashion meets décor

By Sruthi Ravinder  July 10th, 2018

First they rocked the runways, then they occupied a permanent place in our wardrobes and shoe closet, and now they’re ready to take over our houses. The Italian fashion house Gucci wants to turn your ordinary home into a fashion mansion. Launched last year, there are new additions to the Gucci home line.

We’re talking vividly decorated folding metal tables, ornamental folding screens, ceramics vases and cushions with cross-stitched designs on a velvet or blended wool background. Some of the pieces have a vintage air to them. Case in point, the capitonné porter’s chairs. These high-backed and canopy-covered chairs were used in England, and later in 16th–century France – with its medieval touch, it might just make for your perfect Iron Throne. 

Guccy Decor chairs 2

If you’re not a morning person, drinking coffee in Gucci’s eclectic mugs will brighten your day. The decor feature prints of cats, a ‘stage-curtain’ image, a jewel pattern, and also designs with the words ‘Maison de ‘l’Amour’ and ‘Urtica Ferox’. Rings a bell? You probably saw it on the runways. 

And finally, for those looking for a complete interior re-do, Gucci’s unconventional wallpapers in vinyl, paper, or silk will do the trick.

This collection will be available in select Gucci stores post-June 2018.